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As a student of Hip Hop Culture, Kareem Caines a.k.a. Bronx Emcee was born to rap. Always interested by the Culture of Hip Hop, Bronx Emcee began studying and interacting with the culture at an early age. Growing up in the Northeast Bronx, he had an opportunity to see a lot of the culture he loved manifest in front of Him on a daily basis. Due to heavy censorship of rap music early in Bronx Emcees life, studying the culture did not happen until he was in the 7th grade at Our Savior Luther School. Being teased on a regular basis because he did not have any rap tapes, Bronx Emcee sought to learn more about the culture and the music that his friends were listening to. That same year Bronx Emcee got cable in his house, which was a new thing to the Bronx at that time, and from that point everything changed. 

Watching Rap City, Yo MTV Raps, and Video Music Box, all the time, Bronx Emcee found out quickly what Hip Hop was all about. By the time he got to his new school, the Windward School in White Plains, Bronx Emcee was a culture magnet and an ambassador of the culture of Hip Hop that he loved. Around 1994 1995 Bronx Emcee started writing his first rap songs which continued until he got to college at Johnson and Wales University (JWU) in Providence, RI. At JWU Bronx Emcees rap songs and music started to take off. First with Spoken Word and poetry, Bronx Emcee participated in a lot of poetry slams at a place called AS220, where he eventually worked. He also hosted his own open mics at AS220, and ran his own youth Hip Hop program (Hip Hop 220). These opportunities helped catapult his music, his style, and his performance skills on the stage. 


Constantly working with young artist and being on the stage, Bronx Emcee honed his skills in Rhode Island. He got his rap name from an article in the Source magazine in the mid/late 1990s call The Bronx Emcees. With a desire to use the title for an album that he wanted to record called The Bronx Emcee, to show what emceeing was really about, the name eventually became his alias. Around 2001, at an open mic in Providence, RI called Unity, Bronx Emcee was encouraged to use the name to rap that night. Constantly representing both the Bronx and New York when he would rap and freestyle, a friend of his suggested that he rapped as Bronx Emcee, and not Kareem Caines. From that point he began to be known as Bronx Emcee as he is affectionately called today. 

Moving back to New York, Bronx Emcee is fulfilling his purpose for what he was created to do. Bronx Emcees rap style is unique, yet simple. He is a Biblical Lyrical Spitted, Flow-er in the Holy Ghost Spitting out the truth because he got a word overdose. Combining Holy Hip Hop Education and Emceeing, Bronx Emcees goal is to raise a Holy Hip Hop Nation and Generation; with a mission to bring hip hop back to where it started so we can move it forward again in Christ. Basically he wants to lay a new foundation for those that do not have one, and build on it for those that do, with the Word of God through the fundamentals and secondary elements of Hip Hop Culture.

Beyond Hip Hop Bronx Emcee is a teacher, husband and father. He is also a great videographer and graphic designer. You can check his video and graphic design services on the following pages. 



Photographer: Jonathan Oke for OkeVizionz


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